“osCMax 2.0 RC4 has been released and is available for download from the osCMax project page: http://www.oscmax.com/project/osCMax

For a complete rundown of all the changes in this release, see the post here

osCMax says:
“Almost every aspect of osCMax has been updated in this release. All mods have been improved and updated, and the core code has been updated to match osCommerce 2.2RC2a. The changes are extensive, so I do not recommend simply overwriting your existing RC3x store with the new code. I recommend doing a new separate installation and migrating to it.

RC4 will be in release for two weeks. If no major issues are found in that time, it will be certified as the final release of v2.0 and we will then osCMax releases v2.0 RC4 - it’s like a FREE CRE 6.2 B2B! - continue reading