A couple years back, let’s say 4-5 years, there used to be just osCommerce, no osCMax and no Creloaded. Contribution installation was a popular task and most web development companies used to build eCommerce stores using osCommerce 2.2 as a base while adding contributions one by one. Some development companies still operate the same way today and popular contributions added to the osc 2.2 core install are i.e. UPS, USPS and FEDEX real time rates, Authorize.net cc processing, Discount Coupons, Purchase without Account, Additional Info Pages, Affiliate system …just to name a few.

Building stores piece by piece using osCommerce 2.2 while adding contributions became a repetitive and expensive task and soon there was a need for loaded versions of osCommerce which already had several additional contributions, such as the ones mentioned above, pre-installed. This led to the 1st versions of osCMax and CRELoaded. The story about CRE and inessential FDMS Clutter - continue reading