Magento says:

“Multi Store Management has been a hot topic in the eCommerce market and we are proud to feature such functionality as part of Magento‚Äôs core product.”

Here is the link to their 45 minute web seminar about Magento Multi Store Management.


I didn’t really have the chance or the patience to go through the 45 minute documentation. Maybe my personal attention span just happens to be real low at the moment. I am unable to compare Magnum Multi Store to Magento Multi Store at this point, other than the fact that our product is priced at $1200, while Magento’s stuff is free. Our support fees are way lower though.

Overall, I find this all to be rather amusing. This is all soo Internet. We come out with something, 5 mins later somebody else jumps on it. Perfect examples are Magnum Multi Store, now Magento copies the Multi Store part and Magnum MVS 8.4 which CRE tried to copy.

But CRE did such a lousy job of integrating MVS into their CRE 6.3 B2B.
It’s a shame that they are Multi Store Wars - Magento moving into our territory - continue reading